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Which ‘Borsalino’ sun hat is the best buy?

Ciao bellezze,

In less than a month, I get the wonderful opportunity to escape the miserable South African winter by migrating north where the European summer will be sizzling hot. Roaming the boutiques of Milan, the cobbled streets of Rome, the gardens and piazze of Florence, and even floating along Venice’s calm waters means that I will be spending a lot of time basking in the sun. Since I do need to look fashionable the entire way through and paper umbrellas are far from hardwearing, I have already begun the search for the perfect sun hat. It has to be a versatile piece that matches my summer dresses in both style and colour combination while also adding an overall chic and trendy ingredient, but most of all, the hat I set my sights on must offer adequate coverage… A golden tan is appealing but red, flaky skin is a big ‘No No’.

I have mentioned feathered Borsalino hats before which I thought were the ideal artisitic accessory to wear to a local, fashion-crazed horse racing event, however this time, my choice of Borsalino hats are a lot more practical. I particularly like the wide-brimmed hats in brown and multi-hues as well as the two-toned hat with a sunny yellow colouring that truly is celebratory of the season. Some of these hats fold up for easy storage so there’s no need to worry about squashing these into an unrecognizable shape. I am also quite fascinated with this interesting red head band which could be quite a cool accessory to a cocktail party dress.

Milan is my first stop on this upcoming tour, so I will leave my Italy ‘Ciao Bella’ souvenir caps behind and head off to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele where the Borsalino shop will be my first stop 🙂

For more information, visit the Borsalino website


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