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Welcome to Novate, Milano

After reading Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist and The 4-hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss, my ‘someday’ plan to experience Italy and live my dream took shape quicker than I expected.
So here I am living out of a tiny room in Novate Milanese reinventing myself as a truly global writer, fashion blogger, digital copywriter and UX analyst. With technological capability to always be online and in reach from anywhere in the world, I don’t see why distance should limit potential for career growth. Gone are the days of ‘night before school’ feeling but with this sense of freedom comes great responsibility to self-discipline.

(I hear someone humming to the tune of The Godfather!)

Getting from Malpensa Airport to Novate yesterday was challenging. I took the wrong train and had to change lines at Saronno, and with 2 huge bags and a major fear of old elevators, I was in a state. However, through all this, I did learn that chivalry is not dead – in this part of the world anyway. A young man at the train station helped pull my bags up and down stairs explaining – in broken English – the route that I would need to navigate. I was flustered by the time I reached the correct platform and a darling train driver signed my incorrect ticket so that I would not be fined on-board if the inspector came around. I had no idea how to reach the place I am staying at, so an old man accompanied me through the maze of streets and pulled my 25kg luggage.

My room windows are street facing 🙂 Wonderful but really noisy! The walls are a sick yellow and the furniture is really old. Nonetheless, it’s clean and that’s all that matters. After settling in, I explored the neighbourhood, found a little place to eat a feta and veggie roll, drink fresh orange juice and indulge in biscotto gelato. It’s a lovely little dorpie and I am surrounded by pizzerias, sushi and Turkish restaurants, a pharmacy, a few hair salons, a beauty salon, boutiques, a supermarket and even a little place that repairs shoes. Perfecto!





The street that I live on…



The local church…







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