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We all want to live at Lake Como

It’s 19:30 and we’re occupying seven seats on a double-decker train back to Milan’s smaller Cadorna Station in the hope of catching La Rinascente open so we can each buy a bottle of our favourite fragrances and score some free gifts – our last opportunity to do so before our trip to Rome tomorrow. My tiny group of relatives are zonked after a day spent at Lake Como, north of Milan, where as always the picture perfect landscape of mountains and water had the adults checking out property prices while the kids are still building dreams of astronomical career success so that they too can own holiday homes in either of the magical little towns which beat Hartebeespoort hands down in both the beauty and congeniality categories.

I have visited Lago di Como several times prior and what calms my soul most is the holiday atmosphere all year round which gives residents and tourists a wholesome lifestyle experience only an hour out of Milan by train, inclusive of several stops. I believe that before one can wish to live eternally in a place, you must experience the extreme weather patterns and if you agree well with either pole of the thermometer, it will be a perfect place to settle in. When it comes to Como, I love the scorching heat which sweeps the area from June to September and while I do suffer from frozen numbness during the winter months, strangely enough, Como’s extreme seasonal changes offer differing charm which are irresistible and in no way inferior making Como my number one place in the world where I dream of living. During the winter months, fairy lights wind around the trees and technicolor ferris wheels invite festive cheer. Hot chocolate and pastries are at the top of my food order and an ice rink draws crowds to the water’s edge. My family has not experienced this cosy time of year, but I am so thrilled that they could take in the dense foliage which covers the chain of mountain peaks with nestled fairy tale villas in the summer. We bought tickets for about 10 euros per person for a round trip around the lake which allowed us to hop off at smaller ports like the affluent Cernobbio and Tavernola. Colourful bursts of flowers dot walls and balconies while a grove of pruned trees provided shelter from the sun as onlookers watched a hovercraft land and a very happy furry friend wag his tail as his fisherman owner went about his business. I took a few minutes to pray while the wind cooled my skin and the sound of crashing water drowned out life’s little stresses. I thanked God for all the kindness Italy has shown me and for bringing me to Como yet again – this time with my precious mother.

When the boat cruise came to an end, we ordered pizza in Piazza del Duomo while musicians entertained the crowd with Frank Sinatra classics and I kid you not, the tune from the Mario Brothers video game. Next, we took time to shop, shop and shop some more along the cobbled streets. My cousin added jewellery and a shimmering trinket box to her Swarovski collection while I got my hands on these special hand-crocheted bracelets from Cruciani. I have not seen these in SA yet so if you would like to get one of these floral bracelets around your arm, please pop me an email. I have floral bracelets in pink, purple and green and to celebrate the Chinese New Year, I only have one dragon bracelet in black.

Family feedback about Como

Ferry crew are so dedicated and they are so proud about doing a great job
Everything about the place is so laid back yet so accommodating and far from negligent
Villas and homes are very old yet so well kept
We ALL wish we could live in Como


















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  • Hi dear, I am so sad I didn’t get to speak to you before you left on your Italian adventure. You make it sound more and more beautiful as each trip progresses. The photos of Lake Como are sublime, I think I could make myself at home there as well. Hope that you and the family are having a wonderful vacation!

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