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Watching my step and making VIP connections in Milan

I am relaxing on my hotel bed with the windows open and the TV switched on. Kabir Bedi is ‘speaking’ fluent Italian but I am more concerned about my aching feet with at least three sprouting blisters and an almost-sprained ankle which makes me wonder how I am going to manage walking this city for the next seven days. It’s quite ironic that Italy is renowned for their daring and top quality footwear with insanely long and thin heels yet their cobble-stoned streets and drain covers make it just the most challenging place to actually wear the shoes you buy. I need a serious chat with the city mayor because as much as I love this place, there are small improvements needed which will raise the friendly factor of the city’s infrastructure which will in turn aid their thriving fashion industry. Perhaps other brands can follow Larusmiani’s example of branding heel-friendly grids as a start.

At around 11am, I left the hotel wearing my flat pink pumps with my red Pollini heels in a shopping bag and took a brisk walk to the Repubblica metro station nearby. In two short stops I arrived at Montenapoleone and since I had an hour to spare until my lunch appointment with the Consul General from South Arica to Milan, I took my time scouting the big brand store-fronts for the latest and best in winter trends. We met at noon at San Babila where the Consul General introduced me to another South African professional who had just finished his MBA in Milan. I beckoned them to follow me to Brera, Milan’s design district, and I was quite satisfied that I had just introduced these two men to a special part of Milan which they had not yet discovered even though they have both been here for months 🙂 Saul decided that he would steer clear from red meat so we shared a pizza topped with prawns and rocket, sipped freshly-squeezed orange juice and he even treated us to mascarpone and cioccolato gelato.

My next meeting was scheduled for 3pm with a young, sweet and entrepreneurial bloke named Pietro. We met in front of La Rinascente and while he complimented me on my Italian pronunciation, I queried his excellent and rare command of the English language. Pietro explained that he explored a career in professional basketball in the US before returning to Italy after an ankle injury where he started his first successful company at only 19 years old. I am surprised that I remember any of this because for as long as we walked across Piazza Duomo, my mind was focused on taking careful steps on the uneven paving to prevent an injury of my own. We took seats at the Arnold offee shop and chatted non-stop for at least two hours. Our conversation centred mainly around our careers and ideas going off topic only when my trained eyes spotted the spelling error on the wall. Pietro and I have a lot in common and while I cannot say too much now, I have a strange feeling that by joining my writing and media skills together with his marketing, sales and techno expertise, we are going to revolutionize the luxury fashion industry. Watch this space…










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  • Yes, the amount of walking one does in Europe is intense. Plu when a girl loves fashion and shoes….it’s a killer for the feet. Pizza looked really yum, sure it is being authentic!

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