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Turkey delights at the spice bazaar

Today was our last few hours with our tour guide, Zekiye, taking in the views from the Bosphorus bridge and the highest hill on the Asian side of Istanbul, marvelling at the opulence of the Berleybeyi Palace and then cruising the Bosphorus where the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara meet. It’s a busy pathway through which every ship that travels from east to west must navigate through.

Taking so much time to explore the city has kept my spending habits in check and instead, I treated myself to caffe latte at the hilltop garden, a huge baked potato for lunch stuffed with mushrooms, cheese, olives and sweetcorn and even apple tea on the boat served by a man with one black eye and one blue eye – freaky!



I spotted Zekiye’s sparkling pendant for protection against the evil eye and I decided that I must have one. No visitor to Turkey had dare leave without one ‘Nazaarli’ and these can be found everywhere – on key rings, bracelets, plates and more as protection for houses, cars and even animals! Zekiye said her goodbyes and left us at the spice bazaar where she assured me I would find a pendant and chain similar to hers…



I also left the spice bazaar with divine, fresh Turkish Delight made with honey, not sugar… The better quality stuff…but I had to negotiate on that price too with the ultra-cool Morroccan manager



More delightful food

Raw honey… I don’t have place for this in my luggage but how I wish I did…



Fresh fish, cheese and more…






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