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ToyWatch’s Summer Collections – Velvety, Mesh and Metallic

Now here’s a brand that experiments with the interplay of colours and materials to conjure up fascinating and aesthetically pleasing watches. I was thrilled to visit the small store to see these high fashion accessories which are the culmination of endless research into lightweight, versatile materials, contemporary design and top-notch mechanics.

The young ladies behind the counter in the MonteNapoleoneĀ branch exhibited three of the latest Toy Watch collections. The first was their unisex Velvety watches – hero products that feel like a second skin – appropriately named because of the ultra-soft texture of the material; a recipe of polycarbonate and silicone. New shades include baby pink, a light grey blue and sea green. These waterproof pieces boast a quartz movement with some dials fully paved in Swarovski crystals. Velvety Chronos for men are sportier in appearance with some even indicating the hours; 3, 6 and 9 using the first letter of each number… Quite a mind-boggling feature.

Their Mesh Cuff collection is typically Milanese and is made using steel ‘mesh Milan’ about 2cm in width making it bold enough for a man to wear, yet flexible enough to mould to a feminine wrist. Coloured to resemble yellow and pink-gold, shiny and matt black, silver and bronze, these uncomplicated quartz pieces appear to be quite understated yet bursts of vivid colour are incorporated into the hour indicators and hands. The Metallic collection comprises of aluminum tinted to blazing shades of pink, green and pewter too but for the summer, bling is emphasized with the dial, bezel and straps of specific pieces caked in Swarovski stones. The black watch with its multicolour embellishment is like a ticking disco ball while the gold and pewter versions are a lot more classic with white Swarovski stones to glam up your summer style.


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  • Wow, I am spoilt for choice with these glorious timepieces. Just in time, because I was actually looking to get myself a new watch. I am torn between the pink one (of course) and the gold (surprisingly for me).

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