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This Week’s Multicolour Treats

I had two beautiful fashion surprises this week. My friend and colleague arrived home from a trip to London where she bought these stunning multicolour Aldo sandals. She wore it to the office and was beaming with pride as she stepped out from behind her desk to reveal this strappy pair which makes a statement of flirty fun with its bubblegum pink heels and interwoven green, purple and blue strips of leather that hug the foot. The thought of handcuffing her to the chair and running away in her sandals certainly did cross my mind, but unfortunately, I had to continue admiring it from a tempting distance…

Then, thanks to my next fateful meeting, it wasn’t too long until I was bursting with joy caused by another sensational retail indulgence. Two weeks had passed since I had first admired this bag of my dreams; an exceptionally gorgeous Marino Orlandi piece in the Fraser’s store in Sandton City. I decided to make a return trip to take one more look at the medium-sized tote bag made from a grayish snakeskin and black leather. There it was, sitting patiently on the shelf, waiting only for me…

Mesmerizing in appearance with its interesting metallic patches that reflect rainbow shades of indigo, jade, red, golden yellow and fucshia… I could not resist owning it. I am so impressed because it matches almost everthing in my closet, not by merely blending in, but rather by adding excitement and enhancing already splendid outfits. The explosion of shimmering multicolours makes it perfectly complementary with casual denims, while it is also a glamorous accessory to a chic black dress. My Marino Orlandi beauty is interesting and practical too… It has a cellphone pouch and zipped pocket on the inside, while the exterior boasts a zipped section on one side and two secret compartments tucked discreetly on either side of the main zip.


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    • Haha… I am sooo sorry, Aneesah, but I don’t plan on parting with this beauty anytime soon… It’s going to be a fabulous winter accessory to match with all my monotone coats :-)… I am open to the idea of lending it to you though… 🙂

  • We share impeccable taste 😉 It really is a stunning shoe. Aldo shoes were actually born in Canada but this pair certainly deserved a mention on this blog. As for the bag, what can I say? It’s a show-stopper. I can’t stop admiring it 🙂 I think I should put it away to preserve its pristine condition for my trip to Italy in two weeks…

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