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The launch of the Montenapoleone Shopping guide by Where

Forgive me, friends… It’s two days after the big event and I am only blogging about this now… blame it on the photographer who could not get the pictures to me sooner 🙂

All I can say is that it was a dream. I arrived at the Four Seasons Hotel in Milan’s Via Gesu and I think I looked the part in my figure-hugging black dress and Jimmy Choo shoes. The who’s who of Montenapoleone’s fashion crowd turned up for the cocktail party including representatives from Ralph Lauren, Jaeger Le Coultre, Rolex, Montblanc and many more as well as our partners, Sara Bernabe from Premier Tax Free and Guglielmo Miani, The CEO of Larusmiani and President of the Via Montenapoleone Association.

Andrea insisted that I say a few words, so in a nutshell, I explained what Montenapoleone means to tourists who visit Milan to shop and I also attempted to let the VIP’s understand the importance of this shopping guide written with a twist for tourists by a tourist, hoping that they see the value in a publication that gives an outsiders perspective.

On the hole, it was a huge success and according to Andrea and Daniele, the positive response from all the boutique stores has been overwhelming. A thumbs up to the entire team who made this possible… Andrea, Daniele, Alessandra, Valentina, Francesca and the PR ladies, Maria and Isa.

I am truly blessed to work with you all 🙂

Watch the video:


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  • Congratulations Maya!! I am so proud of you, you have done a tremendous job, having put together an excellent shopping guide. All your hard work, long nights and stress has paid off! The event looks wonderful

    • Ciao Laura, I decided to approve your comment because I am not one to shy away from criticism… So thank you for both, your criticism and praise. I am glad that you like the blog concept, but as far as my writing goes, what can I say? It’s subjective and it’s my personal style… As far as my choice of dress goes, I think it was perfect. If I was one of the guests, sure, I would never have dolled up like this, but in this case, I was the ‘belle of the ball’ and I had to look the part 🙂 With regards to Fashion Week, my intention was never to blog about Fashion Week because I am not much of a fashion show goer -not yet anyway! I am more focused on shopping in Milan and the products available for purchase at the time. This is interesting for me, because these styles and trends only make it to South Africa a season later. Also, I prefer to capture the general street vibe in the city during Fashion Week and my special moments, sights, etc… I do admit that my blog posts came to a halt while I was in Milan for two reasons. Firstly, stretching my waking hours between my writing for the guide and blogging is always tough and I prioritize the guide during this time because I can always blog later on my own time. Secondly, I did experience data connectivity issues… This was rather annoying considering that I am so reliant on my iPad. With all that said… I hope that you continue to take an interest in my posts… Stai bene!

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