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The Ferrari of neckties: Passaggio Cravatte

In two weeks, I will be meeting with Gianni Cerutti, the founder of Passaggio Cravatte (Italian for ties) in Milan, and me being a woman with a fashion blog that largely favours the fairer sex, this encounter will be slightly intimidating as I immerse myself in a man’s world of bespoke, trying to understand exactly what makes Gianni’s products the ‘Ferrari’ of neckties while putting myself in the shoes of discerning clients who pay a steep price for the thrill of exclusivity.

I discussed Gianni’s concept with several of my male colleagues. I showed them these photos and explained that Gianni possibly won’t have any samples to show me because his ties are made-to-measure per order for each client but I do suspect that that he will arrive with pieces of vintage fabric from which he crafts his ties so that I can feel the quality of the silk between my fingertips.

Interestingly, the guys at the office were amazed. It’s not that they hadn’t heard of bespoke ties before or the fact that these tailored pieces – ideally cut to your torso length – result in perfect knots, but it’s the thought of the extraordinary league of international movers and shakers, acclaimed stars and highly successful businessmen and entrepreneurs who can afford to keep appointments with Gianni and his team to complete the very best attire with the very best ties.

Gianni proudly mentioned that he already has an established base of clients from Africa and went on to express a keen interest in sifting out more potential customers from mining magnates and politicians to top company CEOs who will appreciate his handmade ties cut from hand-printed silk that’s between 40 and 60 years old. Made in the traditional Neapolitan manner, a single piece of silk is transformed in seven folds – a technique that dates back to the early 1900’s – without any internal stitching and then hemmed by hand. Alternatively, they also make ties from two pieces of silk in six folds.

I have yet to gauge the pricing of these remarkable pieces but expenses aside, every well-dressed man should be able to spoil himself at least once. Would you like to own made-to-measure ties? How much would you expect to pay? Do you think others will notice and appreciate your unique accessories? Is bespoke an older man’s pleasure or are the youth rediscovering this luxury?

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