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The Antique Market in Brera

I am back in Milan and surprisingly, it’s not as cold as I had expected it to be. The apartment that I stayed in near Porta Romana during Fashion Week last September was available to me once again and thank heavens, because it is so cosy and comfortable, and I get to feel more like a resident than a passing tourist. I always plan my trips so that I get the weekend to reacquaint myself with the city but I know that I am already very familiar with the place because I no longer need a map to navigate myself from area to area.

Sundays in Milan require shoppers to go off the beaten track because most street stores are closed, but if you head off to the Corso Vittorio Emanuele, you will find all the stores along this street and inside the Galleria open. Most stores on Montenapoleone are also trading, so you can still enjoy upmarket retail fun.

My Sunday stroll took me back to the artistic area, Brera, where an antique market was in full swing. Everything from age-old collectors books to ornate jewels, vases and plates were strewn across tables that wound through the cobbled streets. I am still undecided on a very old and very heavy silver charm bracelet which I found most unusual with an old jug and boot dangling from it. The antiques dealer has given me one week to decide on whether I want the bracelet or an old lightweight English ring created from white gold and diamond chips selling for just over 600 Euros. I kept my eyes peeled for more additions to my adorable collection of teeny tiny shoe ornaments but there was nothing.

My trip to Brera ended with a trio of gelato ‘naturale’ flavours; cookies and cream, chocolate and coffee. I don’t know what they mean by ” but if it has anything to do with less sugar or fat content, it made no difference to my after-indulgent guilt.


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