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Woven, bling and art bags that add to Milan’s festive beauty

Done and dusted! I have worked under extreme pressure to compile the fifth edition of the Montenapoleone Shopping Guide by Where, and I am so proud to know that I can celebrate a full year of the publication which is now also available in Chinese, Russian and Arabic. The cherry on top though is that the Montenapoleone by Where app is available for Apple iPhones 🙂

My day job as an Online Content Specialist in South Africa is becoming increasingly demanding and an upcoming training trip to Cape Town at month end will mean that it’s near impossible for me to make it back to Milan before Christmas to take in the festive lights, the shimmering flakes of snow floating to the ground and the cheerful chatter of eager shoppers. It looks as though I will have to wait until February and of course by then, there will be several changes to note including the new Burberry boutique and Breguet store.

I get more than a little nostalgic every so often when the urge to board a plane takes over me and I have to resort to browsing through pics on my iPad to transport my mind back to Milan’s city centre where individuals find the most amusing methods of putting smiles onto faces and that coupled with splendid bags in boutique windows are enough to remind me that life really is beautiful…



Bottega Veneta’s clutch bags featuring their signature weave and knot clasps:


Louis Vuitton’s ‘North South’ bags are sequined with bling that dazzles in gold, purple or burgundy:



Prada offers up brushed calfskin totes and unusual bags with contrasting flowers stitched across the surface.



And finally…
Music inspired these Braccialini art bags that display notes and keyboards in perfect harmony.



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