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Sailor Girls Get ‘Striped’ by Salvatore Ferragamo

When I think back of my 2009 vacation in Venice, the memories of my time spent exploring the canals and alleyways are dominated by visions of my black and white nautical striped dress. It made for a romantic movie scenario set in old Venice as I stood at the water’s edge alongside a dashing sun-tanned gondolier, who wore his complimentary striped uniform.

All I would have needed at the time to complete my picture-perfect fashion ideal, would have been one these  pretty pairs of stripy-toed Salvatore Ferragamo pumps and perhaps a matching bag too. The stiletto is equally gorgeous in an unconventional way with its lilac tones and thick/thin stripe combination. ‘Charlie’s Angels’ star, Lucy Liu paired this sling-back with a simple white dress for an ultra-chic look.


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