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Rene Caovilla: Venetian Shoes are ‘Jewellery’ for Feet

Walking into a Rene Caovilla store is like entering a walk-in jewellery box. Your eyes will light up at the sight of these exquisite evening shoes and you will be terrified to touch them, just in case you tarnish its beauty with a fingerprint….But then all resistance crumbles and you absolutely must seize the opportunity to have a pair of these ‘jewels’ grace your feet.

The father of the brand, Edoardo Caovilla, chose to explore traditional Venetian shoe-making but it was his son, Rene Fernando, who combined art and couture to sculpt beautiful evening shoes which would ensure that the simplest of women be mistaken for royalty or Hollywood screen sirens.

Adorned with Swarovski crystals, pearls, flowers and genuine leather of every conceivable hue, you will happily sacrifice a pay-cheque just so that you can rest in the knowledge that you actually own a pair of these exclusive stilletos. Be prepared to part with anything between R7000 to R12 000 for a single heavenly pair.
Rene Caovilla stores are few and far between and can be found in the major cities; Rome, Milan, Venice, London, Moscow and Doha.


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