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Preparing for La Dolce Vita

It’s official, I made it through my last week of being a spectator of life, watching the outside world pass from my office desk, through the lenses of my limited edition Bulgari glasses. I am taking time away to follow my dream while the stress drains from my shoulders. I must admit though, the fear of failure is near paralysing but living with regret could be fatal. It’s now or never. To the friends that I leave behind, I certainly do take a little bit of each and everyone of you with me. Remember ladies; stay fabulous and stay fashionable because even though it’s a man’s world, it revolves around us.



Preparing for La Dolce Vita… I look forward to an almost romanticized life: Wake up at 8am, go for a run, pour words into a blog post, article or book for 3 – 4 hours and then dress up and step into my Jimmy Choos for another D&G or Gucci party and press event that evening. Good food, caffe latte and the freedom to apply my talent, write and celebrate life on my own time, at my own pace. Bellissima!









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