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Postcard ‘selfies’ at Parco Sempione & Sforzesco Castle

I did a very bad thing today. I shovelled down – not one – but two cups of gelato! And while these two wrongs definitely don’t make a right, I did manage to cancel out calories by avoiding Milan’s easy public transport system and walking the pavements on a round trip in my most comfy boots, from Cadorna Station through to Cairoli/Castello, Cordusio, Duomo, La Scala, Brera, Moscova and back to Cadorna. I was on a mission though; I had to improve the quality of my selfies captured at important places in participation of a friendly challenge.


Parco Sempione, a massive green stretch between Sforzesco Castle and L’Arco Delle Pace, is a stone’s throw from Cadorna Railway Station, so I crossed the road and immediately noticed that a massive clean-up was underway with rubbish being cleared and barriers broken down. I had missed a swarm of early morning joggers who participated in a city run, but there was the usual Sunday crowd making the most of a rain-free day walking their dogs, cycling and breathing in fresh air before the winter really sets in. I had romanticised ideas of finding a secluded spot and finding quiet time to write underneath a tree, but there was so much of my surroundings to take in that I wandered without direction for over an hour.



Students captivated an audience with their vocal talent singing popular tracks.


I ordered a decaf caffe latte at Locanda alla Mano, a coffee bar with character and heart. Today was also the National Day for Persons with Down’s Syndrome, so they had some of these special individuals behind the counter assisting customers with their drinks orders.


A small bridge, guarded by bare-breasted mermaids, crosses over a pond of noisy ducks.



The high walls of the castle beckoned so I walked around the perimeter and through it’s centre to the main entrance. I have previously visited the museums inside, which also host Michelangelo’s unfinished Pieta, so this time, I admired its square towers briefly and strolled through the bustling, shop-lined Via Dante between Cairoli and Duomo instead.







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