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Pisa Horologerie events for Salone del Mobile 2013

I am so sorry that I missed the Pisa family’s annual events held at their boutique stores during the Salone del Mobile. Unfortunately, this year’s Design Week clashed with training required for my day job. On the bright side, my friends; Chiara Pisa, Jutta and Evelina, were kind enough to send me photos, and even though these give me a slight idea of the vibe and themes, missing some of the best parties on the calendar – attended by the industry’s A-listers – is so disappointing.

This year saw the second collaboration between Pisa and Meritalia to deck out all the stacked floors at their Pisa Rolex boutique on Montenapoleone to synergize clocks, design and international music. Pisa Clocks address the question of the balance to 360 ° where the emphasis is on the balance of time and the concept of equilibrium with an installation entitled “Crossing Time”.

Structures in solid walnut and mahogany dating from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries are part of a large private collection owned by Meritalia showing the evolution of design through the passage of time. “Drums” of chairs suspended IN BALANCE and crossed by a straight beam of light are immersed in a floating “intergalactic” display.

The works of designers, such as Stripe-Tease, Carletta and Cube, are also exposed directly to the external facade of the Rolex boutique. Stripe-Tease, is a reinterpretation and is now in its final version. Carletta is a comfortable and snug seat for maximum comfort and Cube is a unique project of 1957 that Meritalia has reviewed.





The Pisa Horologeria on Via Verri saw famous faces turn up for that event too including Ilaria D’Amico, Guglielmo Miani from Larusmiani as well as Stella and Dario Rossetti from one of my favourite brands, Fratelli Rossetti.

In the Boutique, a prototype inspired by the gravity compensation mechanism “Carrousel” is the starting point of the entire installation. The concept is linked to “perfect time”, or how the Carrousel compensates the negative effects of gravity on the organ regulator, the armchair Carrousel, acting in the same manner to 360 °- to achieve the perfect balance of time. Designed by Se77e and prototyped by Meritalia, the chair is like a steering wheel of a car and the Carrousel is the clock: in all three relationships, the ability to shift joins the freedom of movement and sensory enrichment.

Partners in the initiative and creator of the great watchmaking complication protagonist of the project is Blancpain, dating back to 1735, a brand that is constantly evolving. The “Carrousel Volant Une Minute” is the mechanism that reduces the effects related to the earth’s gravity on the operation of the movement. The device is an alternative to the better known Carrousel Tourbillon, slowly turning on its own, once a minute, ensuring a much more regular and accurate scanning of time.






Thanks to my recent collaboration with a top-notch travel company, I will be putting a tour package together for next year’s Salone dell Mobile so if you want to join my tour group and experience Milan Design Week for yourself, watch this space or drop me an email 🙂


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