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Only Italian Leather Will Do

Italian leather bag by DissonaThe price tag on a pair of glorious pumps or a simple tote bag made of Italian leather will most certainly cost you your right arm and perhaps your leg too. But even more certain, is that the sacrifice will be well worth it when you find yourself still enjoying your prized purchase seven years later – and receiving compliments to boot for what appears to be ‘timeless’.

Italian leather is considered to be the best internationally and is used by most major fashion brands in the fashion capital, Milan. But what makes Italian leather so special? This has everything to do with the tanning process involved – processes which Italian leather producers have mastered.

During the tanning process, animal hides are put through an extensive treatment process and in Italy, fine leather is produced which is not only of the highest quality and durability, but which is also in strict compliance with health, safety and pollution laws. Only the very best dyes, chemical and animal hides are used to produce top-quality Italian leather while most of the treatment processes involved are done by hand.

Buying just one ‘Made in Italy’ leather product, rather than a frivolous collection of junk, is an investment rather than expensive necessity, combining style and quality which stands the test of time.

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