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Off to the Salone Del Mobile – Milan’s Furniture Fair

Ciao bellezze!

Yay! It’s that time again… My next pilgrimage to the land of fashion, design and all things beautiful, kicks off this evening! Thanks to my editor’s insistence, this trip was particularly planned to coincide with Milan’s annual furniture fair, the Salone Del Mobile, a five-day event, which according to my Italian friends, actually beats Fashion Week hands down because the energy and vibe electrifies the air while evidence of the artistic mastery is seen on almost every street corner 🙂

While thrilling cocktail dates, party invitations and VIP interviews have steadily begun filling up my diary from 14 – 22 April, the past week leading up to my departure has not been without its fair share of drama and unnecessary stress, but if there’s one thing that I have learnt from past experience, it’s that when things go pear-shaped, there’s usually a damn good, divine reason behind it – often blessed with a better-than-expected outcome. So when I received a call late this past Saturday evening to say that the room I usually rent in Milan is suddenly unavailable to me, I tried to prevent a panic attack and instead, I conducted a frantic online search for somewhere to rest my head in a city booked out by furniture dealers and enthusiasts.

My South African, Carey, who lives in Milan offered me the use of her apartment in Segrate. A most hospitable gesture that has lifted a weight off my shoulders. Commuting to the city centre and particularly Via MonteNapoeone, might be learning curve but with an efficient transport system, it should be smooth sailing…

I am looking forward to my interview with the CEO of Faraone jewellers and the Pisa Orologeria cocktail party. At the same time, I cannot wait to meet my friend, Carli, the blogger behind Mil-shake as well as my fashionable friend Tjasa, the brain behind Bollicine di Stile. To the rest of my friends (You know who you are) I can’t wait to see you all again… xx


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