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New shoes for the New Year

There’s a strong connection between the New Year and feet. Yes, there’s all this figurative reference made to ‘walking a new path’ and taking steps towards achieving our goals, but on a more literal note, my main concerns have everything to do with ‘shoes’ and careful budgeting so that I don’t blow what’s left of my bonus on too many new pairs (that I don’t really need) and even more distressing was figuring out the most fluid dance move to bring in the new year without scraping the sole of my new platform pumps on the rough floor. But there’s a silver lining around every cloud, and in this instance, if you did happen to damage your shoes dancing into the New Year, then your only option is to invest your extra cash in brand new replacement pairs anyway 🙂

Socrati has a handful of shoes that are to-die-for.
This grass green peep-toe design is classy and even with the bow detail on the side, it will never date. Creepy crawlies terrify me but the use of spiders on these flats will surely attract the right kind of attention and get your girlfriends squealing with delight.





In the Preview window, Gianvito Rossi’s tortoiseshell sandal is a stunner. It promises quite a lift and is every bit as dangerous as it is complementary, but for easier movement I adore the decolette slingback sandal in snakeskin.


And finally, every girl needs a glamorous set of wedges so check out the selection at Europa Art Shoes. The metallic wedges attached to these Schutz sandals are unconventional and truly bewitching but if you prefer to play it safe, opt for these Melina heels sprinkled with a bit of bling.





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