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My Ultra-high ‘Breathable’ Geox Sandals

I’ve worn my jaw-dropping Geox sandals every third day since I bought it and while I was secretly as worried as my mum still is, that I would trip and break my neck, I am happy to report that I did not have to say my prayers because wearing these are the same as walking on air. The black patent beauty with its ultra-high thick heel has been the object of affection of colleagues and friends while random strangers standing behind me in queues strike up conversations that start with “oh, I LOVE your shoe!”. From there on, I take the opportunity to educate them about this amazing Italian brand that fuses science and style to manufacture breathable footwear.

When I first spotted the sandal in the Geox store, I was terribly confused! I adored the modern design with its platform sole but the fact that it was available in my favourite shade of pink, snakey off-white and practical black, had me in quite a dilemma as I wrecked my brain thinking about the clothes in my closet that I could match it up with. I decided to let fate choose for me, so I returned four hours later with the intention of grabbing a pair in my size, if still in stock, no matter what colour it was. The sweet sales assistant kept calling me “Darrrling” rolling the ‘r’, while she tried to convince me that black was indeed the better option.

Like all Geox’s aesthetically pleasing and equally comfortable shoes, this pair also features their patented impermeable sole that breathes. Their revolutionary rubber soles were introduced over fifty years ago and while they were completely waterproof, they had a crucial flaw. The rubber soles were not breathable and considering that the many sweat glands in the soles of the feet excrete a lot of moisture that could lead to skin infections, this was a problem that had to be solved by perforating the rubber soles and adding a micro-porous membrane that allows perspiration to escape while still preventing water from seeping into the shoes from the outside.


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