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My train troubles to the Micam shoe exhibition and back

Firstly, I think I am finally getting the hang of the train system in this place. And secondly, when Italians say “It’s far”, they actually mean it’s 10 – 15 minutes by car. Of course that’s nothing for me, a South African who spent at least half an hour on a good traffic morning to reach the office.

Getting to the Micam shoe exhibition at Fiera Milano city from Novate was pretty funny in a not-so-funny way. What should have taken 5 minutes by car actually took 40+ minutes using the train to Cadorna and then the metro red line from there. I also ended up paying double, and I eventually figured out that the trick is to not reveal my final destination to the ticket officer who then complicates the journey with unnecessary change-overs.

At Fiera Milano City for the Micam…



So… It costs 1.70 Euro on line S3 from Novate to Cadorna FN. Then from there, I can buy an urban ticket for 1.50 and take the red line to Duomo where I can either switch to the yellow line for Montenapoleone or keep going to San Babila. Getting to my publisher’s office is easier; 3 quick stops from Novate to Domodossola and then 300 metres on foot.
Now if this drizzle can hold up, my curls will survive the humidity and so will my open-toed shoes!




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