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My newest Braccialini art bag: ‘Bouquet’

It was love at first sight; a perfectly-shaped ‘Bouquet’ black rose-textured leather model with gold metal rings which can be removed allowing the bag to extend for a little more packing space. And even though I am an impulsive buyer, I still took a whole week to browse bags in other boutiques just in case I spotted something else that I would rather have, but you know what they say about true love… Nothing else compares and if something is meant to be yours, it will wait patiently. And when I returned to the Braccialini boutique on Corso Venezia, there it was, ready and waiting to be mine.

I did one last inspection on the handles, made sure that there weren’t multiple compartments, checked that my iPad fitted and that the shoulder strap was adjustable. One of the simpler designs, it was exactly what I wanted…



The boutique on Corso Venezia will be closed until 3 November for a complete renovation but until then, you can go to Corso Buenos Aires to marvel over the detail on these fun bags which are real works of art taking inspiration from flowers and animals to antique telephones and an old horse-drawn carriage.



Braccialini does not craft all their bags in genuine leather but I guess if you’re looking for showpieces that you really only carry on special occasions and when you want to make a statement, then you’re paying for the workmanship and exclusivity of design.
What do you think of Braccialini art bags? Do you insist on only buying practical bags or are you keen on adding a special Braccialini model to your growing collection? Can you recommend other brands worth checking out?





To see all the other gorgeous designs, visit the Braccialini website. I would love to know which of their bags are your favourites…


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