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My Milan Fashion Writing Dream Comes True..!

Ciao bellezze!!

What an incredible, life-changing week this has been! I’ve taken a few days to get my thoughts in order and to figure out exactly how to write this post without being overly emotional and philosophical, but it’s almost impossible to bottle up my overwhelming excitement and sheer disbelief because when it comes to my biggest career dreams, only I know the thousands of doors I’ve knocked on and only I know how long I’ve had to put the rest of my life on a backburner for, in pursuit of my fashion writing goals.

Imaginary sparks are flying!! And I can’t help but jump up and down on the spot everytime I think about the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that has come my way. The great news is that last week started off with an unexpected bang: I’ve been offered the opportunity to visit Milan next week as a guest contributor for a print publication that caters to foreigners and tourists in Italy. The best part is that I will be sent all over the fashion capital to cover events and rub shoulders with the royalty of the design industry. The cherry on top of this past weeks decadent cake is that my first blog post for Overlanding Africa was published and I’ve been invited to write for them on a bi-monthly basis. Yay!!!! Suddenly, my plate is overflowing with nourishment for my soul and I am so so sooo grateful!

If there are two things that this past week has taught me, it’s that dreaming BIG and believing in it with all your heart and soul, completes half the journey to achievement. For the fourth time in my life, I’ve realised the great power of prayer, faith and imagination and that when your biggest, most impossible dreams finally do manifest, you are left wondering how on earth you could ever have doubted the Master of all plans and the perfect timing of the universe.

I look forward to blogging from Milan once again and I cannot wait to meet the team that I will be working with. Watch this space for links to my articles…

Thank you and wish me luck… 🙂

Ciao!! xxx


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