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My first ‘Vogue Fashion Night Out’ experience

This year, it was just my luck that I arrived in Milan in time for this amazing night when the city’s young, beautiful, fashionable and attention-seeking crowds descend on the Quadrilatero della Moda, the main and exclusive fashion district where all the best international brands reside.


My first stop was the Bagatt shoe shop at San Babila where I wasted no time buying a much-needed closed shoe – my only closed pair because I forgot my other plain black pairs at home. I walked out in these patent, pointy, charcoal-coloured pumps.


Boutiques were open until late serving drinks and snacks and even offering special discounts in celebration of the occasion – but wait, if you did not make it onto any of the store guest lists, you would have had to join a long queue that wormed out into the mass of streaming people.



The Larusmiani concept boutique was a definite on my list too, but it was their window display that really got the crowd snapping; real people pretending to be mannequins.


I loved this woman’s eccentric style; a cross between Lady GaGa and Minnie Mouse?


Looking the part (fashion journo), I crept through Montenapoleone to the Camper store. This Spanish shoe manufacturer awarded me with a Camper cleaning kit as part of a bizarre game that involved sticky notes on one wall.

Next, I met up with Laura, a Scottish blogger who I befriended back at the Where Milan office. We headed to Via Sant Damiano to the Dellera fur boutique. The designer and owner, Gigliora, who inherited the century-old family business, invited us to wear some of her fur clothes and accessories and then model the goods for a quick photoshoot. I will post these pics tomorrow as soon as it arrives in my inbox.


Then… This was a highlight of my morning at the office…
My crazy (but super-cool) publisher, Andrea, who was delighted that I matched his little runaround promotional vehicle perfectly. Yes, it does fit two people 🙂





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