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My first night at La Scala Theatre

My eleventh trip to Milan and I finally made it into a box seat at La Scala theatre, a surreal and beautiful experience and another one of my ‘Pretty Woman’ moments for just over 80 Euros. While the air was knocked out of my chest by that initial sight of a truly spectacular view of the opulent venue, I spent a large portion of the night fixated on the gold trimming on each balcony and the maroon velvet covered seats.


Watching La Scala Di Seta (The silken ladder), a modern-day interpretation of complicated love affairs first performed in Venice in 1812, I was in awe of the creativity that went into setting the scene. A large mirror hung at the back of the stage reflecting the entire floor plan of an apartment which was then populated with the characters and furniture by a group of construction workers. Simply genius! Fully sung in Italian of course, I could understand every word thanks to tiny monitors in the box which provide subtitles – a luxury that you will not be afforded with floor seating.


The conductor, with his sharp and varying movements, competed for my attention too as did a massive crystal chandelier which unless it’s lowered by rope to more a reachable level, I imagine must be the most challenging thing to clean.

I plan on returning again soon to watch another production, hopefully a classic starring South Africa’s own Soprano, Pretty Yende.

Booking tips:

  • Pre-book online and simply pick up your tickets at the Biglietteria around the corner from the main entrance, in the side street.
  • Buy a floor ticket from Duomo metro station before 17:30
  • Or wait for the Biglietteria to open up at 17:30 and buy your tickets anytime up until the show starts at 8pm.

The performance lasts for just over 2 hours including an interval.




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