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Milan Day 6 – The opening of the new Sutor Mantellassi boutique

New store openings are always an occasion on Via MonteNapoleone with a guest list of VIP’s and journalists. I was amongst the lucky bunch to get a first, exclusive tour of the Sutor Mantellassi boutique on MonteNapoleone. This two level store exudes class and luxury in not only it’s dark decor, but in every piece of handmade shoes that line it’s shelves.

A three-tier chandelier is a main feature – the first thing I noticed as I entered the store. Made using many wooden foot moulds, it speaks volumes about the company’s long history that began creating men’s footwear and still does so in their traditional technique near Como. To add to this, they’ve dedicated a room upstairs to their heritage as the footwear of choice to famous people the world over including American poet and critic, Ezra Pound.

The masculine pairs that stood out in my mind were: an eccentric pair of snakeskin moccasins as well as two-toned slip on and lace-up shoes. These seem to be inspired by lush wilderness with bark brown tips that meet grass green leather. The brand began to add ladies shoes and bags to their mix of manly travel bags and laptop cases about three years ago. Mantellassi’s silk ties are innovatively incorporated into sandals, pumps and handbags.












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