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Memorable Moments in Milan: Magical, Funny and Amusing!

Every trip to Italy is filled with special moments that are so unique and magical that I smile and pinch my arm to remind myself just how lucky I am to be experiencing this magnificent place again and again.

I took these pictures to capture random moments that I want to remember forever… Like the beautiful butterfly that seemed glued to a young man’s Italian jeans and these gothic ultra-platform shoes that weighed down the skinny body of a teenager on a city tram.

I always looked on with pure amazement at the many high-heeled ladies and impeccably suited corporate climbers who zip through the city on vespas. But it does not stop there… Even cuter is watching the older folk ride around the city centre on bicycles with baskets. Love it!!

And it’s not only bikes and vespas that are the norm. Also perfectly acceptable, are these gorgeous exotic cars that line the cities prestigious Quadrilatero Della Moda. If Batman was Italian, no surprise what he would be cruising in…

Working as a guest fashion writer, it was inevitable that I would get to meet some industry high-flyers, but one of my favourite people had to be the young designer, Gabriele ‘Corto‘ Moltedo, who I met in his store on Via Santo Spirito. Sweet and down-to-earth, Corto was loving the camera…

Then there was my encounter with a good looking waiter at a coffee shop in Milan’s Linate Aiport who slipped me his mobile number. Kind of pointless considering that I was passing time at the ‘Departures’ terminal… 🙂 But it was quite an ego boost… then again, every trip to Italy is great for a girl’s confidence levels.

You know you’re in Milan when…

1. A charming young man refers to your facial features as ‘the design of your face’

2. Men still insist on paying restaurant bills

3. You find yourself drizzling olive oil over your pizza too

4. Finance journalists attend fashion collection unveiling events

5. You eat gelato at least three times a day

6. Billboard ads bring together a love for food and fashion

7. You’re always tripping through the cobbled-stoned streets in high heels, but it’s ok, because there’s always someone cute to catch you


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