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Melegari e Costa Footwear is Daring and Different

The Melegari e Costa showroom showcases some of the most daring footwear that I have seen. A little danderous, each pair has killer heels and more than a handful of sprinkled stones. I don’t think any woman can wear these shoes on any ordinary day but if you need to attract the spotlight squarely on you, then a pair of these will undoubtedly do the job.

Only using skins of species not at risk of extinction, the brand’s shoe, handbag and ready-to-wear collections are made at their workshop in Milan’s high fashion street, Via Montenapoleone.

You need to have supermodel long legs to pull of the snakey boots, while the spider boot is creepy and cute simultaneously. My vote goes to both pairs of glitter sandals…. Very sexy 🙂



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