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Luck in my life and love in the air

Luck must have a lot to do with where I find myself staying. The consulate’s residence is a warm, welcoming apartment on the top floor of a quaint, palatial block in an affluent part of Milan that’s a brisk 15 minute walk from San Babila close to the centre. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a paralyzingly fear of old elevators and in Italy, where most buildings are ancient, the elevators are like moving coffins that crawl between cement blocks at a snails pace. I refused to get into the elevator here just in case it gets stuck leaving me trapped in a small space. I only sent my luggage up while I climbed the swirling six flight staircase stopping at the third floor to catch my breath and give my calve muscles a short break. On the up side, I’ll probably have killer legs in a few days, a huge advantage since I will be sporting my mini leather skirt several times over the next few days.


Yesterday was a disastrous tech day. My iPad was ‘disabled’ and refused to accept my passcode and I just discovered that someone tried to hack my Facebook account while I was on the plane. Nonetheless, my search for assistance at a Vodafone shop led me to Via Torino where I found these adorable pumps at the Marilena shoe store. I especially adore the multicolour pump covered in a bouquet of flowers stitched to the surface with a gleaming stone at the center of each flower.


Once my iPad issue was resolved, things could only get better and like a friend reminded me, things would certainly improve after a good nights sleep, so this morning I overslept, took my time to shower and doll up before heading out to Montenapoleone where the San Valentino spirit of love is sill very much in the air with red hearts hanging over the street. I even spotted these pretty bags in the Tosca Blu window.



Other windows that I loved…
The Moncler window with swinging mermaids.


My dream kitchen with a SMEG fridge, stove and dishwasher. I know that in South Africa, Metro home centre stocks this brand.


The Toy Watch window of watches with straps made from Maya wool.


Then this afternoon, as my personal traditional goes, I ended up in the artistic Brera district where the flea market crowds the cobbled streets. Prawn and tomato pizza was my choice for lunch at Ristorante Kaimano where I chatted with the waiters who asked if they could be my Facebook friends too! 🙂 Typical Italian men…



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