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Loving the Luxury at the only Larusmiani Boutique in the World!

I had a fabulous day in the Larusmiani store on Via Montenapoleone, thanks to their wonderful staff who gave me a personal tour throughout the 3-storey retail mansion – voted as one of the top 10 boutiques in the world!

Under normal circumstances, I would not have had the nerve to step inside the 700 metre-square store. It would interest me, of course, but perhaps, my intimidation would stem from the fact that the store oozes such richness and sophistication, that I know it would be self-inflicted torture knowing that I can only look, but never own any of its ultra-luxurious merchandise.

Larusmiani is another shining example of a successful family-run business that since its humble beginnings in 1922, has perfected the art of creating tailored men’s and ladies clothing for clients who demand luxury, perfection and an exceptional fit. The store offers a made-to-measure service that allows gentlemen to choose the cuffs, collars and fabrics they prefer. The unique shirts and suits are then skillfully sewn by a team of tailors who work exclusively for the Larusmiani brand, while an in-house tailor is also always on-hand ensuring that clients always leave the store 200% satisfied with their purchases.

I had an absolute ball on the third floor, sifting through through the luxury selection of silk dresses and cashmere coats. A sweet sales assistant waited on me hand and foot while I squeezed into a dangerously sexy corset and skirt created from broad suit cumberbunds. Designed by Liborio Capizzi, this 2-peice couture was given to Madonna as a gift by the 35-year old CEO, Guglielmo Miani.

With an in-store antique foosball table, lounges on every level and private bathrooms, Larusmiani combines comfort, style and luxury in every aspect from specially manufactured clothing rails to personalized clothing for every occasion.

For more information, visit the Larusmiani website


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