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Larusmiani presents their ladies Fall/Winter 2012-13 collection

I believe that God works in mysterious ways and this was certainly the case when I booked my ticket to Milan for the thrilling Fashion Week period. I looked for a flight that would depart Milan on the Saturday having me home and safely seated back at my corporate desk job at the start of the work week, but it must have been in my destiny to attend the Larusmiani unveiling of their fall/winter 2012/2013 collection on Sunday morning because the only Emirates flight out was, in hindsight, thankfully only on Sunday evening. I had plans to grab a cup of farewell coffee at La Rinascente with my stunning Slovenian friend just after lunch, so I headed off to the Larusmiani offices just off Via Montenapoleone at 11am, a stones throw from their incredible three-story concept boutique, where it was lights, camera and action! The wonderful PR staff, Giuseppe and Federica were the first to greet me with great big hugs followed by the company CEO, Guglielmo Miani, who in typical Italian style planted air kisses on both sides of my face.


The entire set up was clean with movement on flat TV screens against several walls while gorgeous skinny models with bold red lips wearing elegant black Larusmiani evening dresses stood like flawless mannequins. Designed by the CEO’s 24-year old niece, Alice Etro and her team, the white walls were the perfect backdrop for the collection which hung on railings distinguished by palette in sections of black, brown and beige. Federica escorted me through the three small rooms and held up each item to explain what it it’s made from, how best to wear it and what the smaller details are that make each piece special. A to-die-for black trench coat was one of my favorites. It’s made extraordinary with a panel of beige snakeskin that slithers down the sides of the arms. To match, they’ve got a snakeskin clutch bag and belt as well as unbelievably amazing ankle boots with 3cm platforms that combine black leather and snakeskin. The 14cm heels are quite interesting because these curve inwards very slightly…
Federica pointed out her favorite piece – or rather, one of many favorites!- a camel-coloured woolen tunic with chocolate leather shoulder detail and trimming at the wrists. It comes with a thin, long leather belt that twists around the waist.
I always thought that leather clothing wouldn’t suit me well, but even I must admit that I could see myself looking mighty fine in the knee-length black leather pencil skirt. The mini skirt is cute too for a night out, but totally up my alley is the little black dress – in leather! It’s a very classic style in an unexpected material to give it edge. To soften the look, I would team it up with their woolen coat with leather trim. It is buttonless so it’s meant to be worn open.

Federica had great pleasure in introducing me to a pair of boots of the same name. “no jokes” she laughed, ” these really are like my name”. And if boots can be as hot as these, even i’d love a pair named after me. The two pairs of more casual shoes that I found interesting was their lace-up flats modeled in a classic masculine style. Also very boyish is their pair of brown mocassins.
The brand is doing great things and the proof is in its apparel, thanks to it’s amazing team members who don’t exceed age 35. The fascinating thing is that the age of the young designer has not in any way compromised the class and sophistication for which this luxury brand is known.

For more information, visit the Larusmiani website


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