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I Found My Jimmy Choo Shoes!


Finding the ideal black shoe to complement my evening dress was at the top of my priority list and luckily I had done my work prior to my trip so I knew exactly what I had in mind and where I could find it. The Jimmy Choo store on Via Sant Andrea was closed… It was Sunday after all so I planned on returning the next day, but with the big launch of the guide on Tuesday night at the Four Seasons Hotel, I knew that I was cutting it fine… What if they were out of stock? What then?

I had a brain wave on my way back to the Duomo metro station and realized that if there was one place where I would find a range of the best brands under one roof, it had to be the ¬†convenient La Rinascente – Milan’s version of ‘Harrod’s‘. And they were open for business – even on a Sunday evening…

I turned left, stepped through the glass doors of the heated store and I wasted no time heading up to the ladies footwear section where my eyes immediately fell upon my sought after pair of platform heeled pumps in the Jimmy Choo corner. The platform is not too thick, the tip is not too pointy nor too round and the heel is sculpted to pencil-thin perfection without losing stability. The sales assistants convinced me to go for the 37.5 because the 38 was just too big. The 5mm of length less made a huge difference and he even threw in a pair of inner soles just in case I needed it. With such perfect ‘Made in Italy’ shoes from this London-based label on my feet, I will definitely look the part at the launch event. Can’t wait!


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