Hungry on Montenapoleone? Take your food ‘Chic&Go’

Every now and then, I wander down an unexplored road in the vicinity of the Quadrilatero Della Moda only to discover something magical… And yesterday’s gem turned out to be the 10-month old ‘Chic&Go’ corner spot which I uncovered on a stroll through Via Bigli. I walked past at first… but something called me back there. I don’t know if it was the bread-filled basket in plain view from the street, the classy jazz notes or the intimate, inviting atmosphere emanating from such a tiny space.

I turned around to take a closer look, realised that the alley is accessible from Via Montenapoleone (25) next to the Celine boutique, and before I knew it, I was talked into trying some caramel gelato…


Federico, the friendly co-owner of the gourmet food spot, served the caramel gelato with a choc, heart-shaped biscuit coated in sugar. And just as he promised, it really was “funtaaaastic!”.



Reading the menu made me hungry and with prices this affordable in this high-end area, I couldn’t resist trying a Caprese sandwich with sundried tomato, basil pesto and mozzarella cheese inside a seeded bun.

Federico and I had a chat about his plans to expand his brand to other parts of Milan and I complimented the modern ‘country’ set up with lots of wood detailing, transparent perspex to create the illusion of open space and touches of gold which really do add the ‘chic’ element.

Needless to say, all my gushing praise earned me another cup of gelato completely on-the-house, this time liquorice flavour! Then again, I deserved the treat as my luck charm aura attracted a stream of customers who salivated for (and ordered) everything I was eating 🙂




The Chic&Go menu extends beyond sandwiches and ice creams… There’s a selection of soups for the season, pre-packed risottos and berry sorbet too. I will definitely return here over and over again to try the other flavours and combinations, and even if I don’t have time to sit and chat, I would say a quick hello to Federico while he packages a take-away panini.




For more information, visit the Chic&Go website or call +39 02 78 26 48


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