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How can I forget these ‘WOW!!!’ windows seen in Milan?

Aspesi – Their Autumn window last year, filled with miniature duplicates of their wardrobe essentials, worked wonders for this Italian brand. They have recycled the idea for the Spring season and lined up some furry friends. Too cute and always a sight worth capturing…

Dolce&Gabbana – Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana’s smart and sexy accessories are chained by lock and key in their displays on the corner of Via Della Spiga and Corso Venezia. Gorgeous bags in pastel shades are another reason to express love and affection for the creative duo using cardboard hearts with ‘Ti amo’ scribbled across…

Henry Cottons – Fake grass plays a serene backdrop to a chilled out picnic-style window display. Two wooden mannequins, wearing this Anglo-American casual and sportswear, are sunburnt to a toasty brown.

Pirelli – As one of the  world’s largest tyre manufacturers, they may be well known for football sponsorships, formula one and the Pirelli calendar but their industrial-inspired clothing line is also causing quite a stir in the 1500 meter-squared store on Corso Venezia. This window gets top billing for its innovation… Running water flows across the glass surface and if you look at the picture really closely, you will see large windscreen wipers clearing away the liquid. Very cool!

Roger Vivier – This is one of those displays that you just gotta love! Time and effort went into manipulating steel wire into tiny female figurines which sport minute Roger Vivier tote and shoulder bags. I adore the damsel swinging from the sun…



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