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Have you Heard of Chiara Ferragni Shoes?

Chiara Ferragni ShoesAs a fashion blogger and hopeless shopaholic, it’s always great to know that I am not alone in my quest for exclusive, wearable art. Finding a like-minded and equally passionate blogger like Chiara Ferragni has truly inspired me. Chiara has turned her insatiable fashion fetish into an online success story and she even designs her very own range of Chiara Ferragni shoes!!

Chiara is a studentessa and fashionist. Her fashion diary-style blog, The Blonde Salad has grownsteadily since it was first started in October 2009 and receives about 60 000 hits per day. To top that off, she was even invited to mingle amongst the star-studded A-listers as the Cannes Film Festival.

Chiara’s range of sexy and unusual shoes are on show at The Place Showroom in Milano’s Via Carlo Botta. Visiting the showroom is another one of my must-do activities during my upcoming shopping trip to Italia next month. I can’t wait!!


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