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‘Mirabilia’ – an Indian reconstruction of Etro paisley

Etro, one of my favourite (and most vibrant) brands, has collaborated with Indian artists, Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra, to produce the ‘Mirabilia’ collection, a different interpretation of their recognisable paisley print which appears digitalised but full of movement and energy.


Jacopo Etro thought it fitting that the company work with these two artists, not only because they cover serious topics of contemporary India in a playful way, but because they could decompose and reconstruct the Etro Arnica paisley – a Mesopotamian date palm symbol incorporated in Indian fabrics two centuries ago – as a ‘travelling’ pattern in line with the Etro spirit inspired by multiple cultures and world travel.



The artists have modified the little palm or drop into an almost hound’s tooth pattern full of colour and incorporated houses, trees, clouds and shooting stars to achieve fairytale landscapes printed onto the women’s collection of shoulder bags, shopping bags, wallets and purses. The men’s collection spans a more neutral palette and includes a satchel, a weekender bag, suitcase and even tablet covers.




For more information, visit the Etro website


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