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Discovering the perfect apartment, a shopping centre and a new part of the city

I discovered a new part of a Milan today, all because of a two-bedroom apartment available for rent in Via Pietro Gassendi. I had a look around the recently-renovated place, which besides not have free WiFi, is a dream. It’s on the first floor, which means that I can avoid stepping into the old elevator and it has a spacious kitchen, living area, bathroom and bedroom with all the essentials including full-length mirror cupboards 🙂 Also, it gives me easy access to Duomo on tram line 14 and it’s only a few stops away from the Proedi offices on tram line 19, so I probably won’t need to use trains or much of the metro either.




The lovely lady who really went all out to locate a place within my budget is Eva Pieri. She reassures me that we can find a solution to the internet connection issue, and that I will still have all the necessary shops only a few steps away. As we left the apartment block, she pointed out the shopping centre across from Via Certosa and so I headed there for lunch. I must admit that it was my first visit to an actual shopping centre in Milan, and since it is outdoors, it maintains a very laid back vibe, much like Centurion Shopping Centre back home in Pretoria.





I found this gorgeous winter dress that’s covered in a bouquet of flowers, but what really attracted me to this garment is the way it wraps around the waist to create pleats.


My tummy was aching for some protein so I went to the Portello Caffe and ordered a toasted Mozzarella and grilled veggie panini with this decadent dessert drink; layers of coffee, chocolate and biscuit with fresh cream and chocolate sprinkles. I guess that means no gelato later today… But with all the walking I will be doing, I may just earn it 🙂



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