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Diamond Ladies Wear Damiani Watches

Sparkling diamonds are at the top of my ‘best friends’ list and it seems that Damiani’s luxury watch collections for women were created especially in honour of my tasteful and refined life-long friendship with these precious stones.

If you’re a ‘diamond’ of a lady, then you’ll want nothing less than a stunning Damiani watch around your wrist to add to your sparkling appeal. Enter the Damiani store on Via Montenapoleone to view their exclusive collections of women’s watches which are created with the perfect balance of Swiss mastery in horology combined with exquisite Italian design. Makers of fine handmade jewellery since 1924, Damiani’s extension into timepieces is further inspired by the ‘D’ in Damiani and their extensive use of diamonds in their Belle Epoque, D.Side and Damianissima collections.

Made for women who relish in the pleasure of intricate detailing, sparkling diamonds are used to add sophistication and glamour to each piece:

The D-shaped 18-carat gold links of this Damianissima watch boasts shimmering outlines of white diamonds, while the mother-of-pearl face is also outlined in 32 diamonds.

The D.Side watches are a reminder of the vow of love between two people with its concentric circles held together by 12 diamonds. It features dials traced in 137 diamonds encased in white or rose gold and 12 fancy brilliant cut diamonds.

Then there’s the Belle Epoque collection that’s perfect for daily wear with its white scratch-resistant ceramic casing embellished with brilliant-cut white diamonds as well as 12 coloured diamonds.



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