Desserts & gelato: Too good-looking to eat

I have said it before, and I do maintain it… Italians all have a ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’ inside of them. Extremely talented with their hands and motivated by visual appeal and aesthetics, they have natural ability to craft everything they make with flair placing just as much emphasis on presentation as they do on quality of materials. Italian chefs are no different and a relaxed stroll through Milano will prove that that the pasticcerie and gelaterie are the food lovers’ equivalent of galleries and shoe boutiques.

At Ristorante Mercanti, a few steps from the Duomo on Via Dante, I saw these decadent desserts.



I gravitated to Chocolat Italiani in the Navigli area for a strawberry and Nutella crepe served with chocolate sauce and a pot of gelato.



In my neighbourhood at Novate, I came across this ice cream shop that not only sells gelato in cups and cones but actually creates a selection of treats and sundays like ice cream biscuits and lollies.




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