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Daring Shoes for Daring Dames

Ciao bellezze,

Walking the streets of Milan’s Quadrilatero Della Moda, one is bound to find fine examples of bizarre fashion. On my most recent trip, I just had to snap these off-the-wall shoes which can only be carried off by truly daring dames…

Celine’s black and yellow shoes will never be worn on my feet, but on someone with an eccentric enough personality to match, they could look quite chic.

Giuseppe Zanotti’s strange interpretation of wedged heels is not quite my style because I am a more classic dresser, but on the up side, I think the blue sandal is the epitome of fun and he sure gets 10 out of 10 for the sandal which he created especially for American star, Kanye West.

I kinda like Etro’s funky sandal… The high heel and spunky pattern reminds me a bit of traditional African prints…but my first choice has to be Prada’s red pair. It’s classy and most unusual with what appears to be a ‘Grease Lightning’ theme.

Are you daring enough to wear any of these…?


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