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Corto’s new bags: NYC clutches and ‘The Bomb’

The first time I met the young designer, Corto Moltedo, at his boutique in Milan’s Via Santo Spirito, I could not help but throw in a lame joke about how I would only blog in exchange for gifts in the hope that he would actually give me permission to pick out one of his glitzy little clutches from the wide range of embellished bags arranged on the wall.

Having grown up between fast-paced New York, the water ways of Venice and the tranquil Italian countryside, Gabrielecorto developed a love for music, art and architecture – ingredients which made him an ideal fine arts, history and communications student. He then founded his brand in Paris, yet remained true to his heritage by basing his headquarters in Florence, Italy.

At the presentation of his Fall/Winter 2013 collection, I was fascinated by the way he incorporated memories of the New York skyline into the embellishment of these little beauties. The gold bag is representative of day-time while the black and multi-colour version is inspired by NYC at night lit up with neon signage.


A collaboration with Rolex has resulted in this remarkable piece. It’s covered in the little metal bits that make up the inner mechanics of watches with a working time-piece as well so that the bag serves a dual-purpose.


To celebrate the Chinese calendar year, The Year of the Snake, Corto created this striking piece with intertwined beaded serpents in red, black and green.


For more casual occasions when you would much rather accessorize with a tote or handbag, Corto has designed this red and white bag especially for Pop-eye’s comical wife, Olive.


Then there’s this round bag with explosive yellow and red decorative detail fittingly called ‘The Bomb’. It’s a conversation-starter alright, but I can imagine that walking around all day with ‘a bomb’ as a fashion accessory will draw some odd looks too.


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