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Como – Not Just a Pretty Lake

A trip to the Italian region of Lombardia is not complete without a visit to one of the great lakes. I chose to return to Lago di Como, about an hour by train from Milan´s Cadorna station. I spent the journey staring out of the window, taking in the graffiti´d suburb walls, the amazing greenery which became more lush the further we went, the endless blocks of near-crumbling apartments and of course, Safiya, sitting in front of me sleeping with a can of Pringles clutched between her hands.

Our rumbling tummies were satisfied by pizza at a small ristorante within Como´s main piazza where the waiters were more than friendly, even offering to cut our pizza into bite-sized pieces 😉 Next, we took an unforgettable ferry ride on the lake. The Mediterranean sun was golden and blissful… The water was sparkling and calming and seagulls flying ahead added the final touches to a picture perfect town where hotels resemble fairytale castles. We took the opportunity to say our final goodbyes to George Clooney, waved and hoped that he could see us from his hill-top Como villa

I could not wait to explore the quaint boutiques hidden along the cobblestoned alleyways . I found a lovely bag store called ´Le Borse´where we bought these stunning Versace bags. The black tote bag has beautiful embroidery detail with an inside zip and cellphone pouch. I also came across these exquisite, yet unaffordable ladies shoes in a boutique store just off the water´s edge and I also found the most adorable little girls dresses which a friend requested I bring back home.



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