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Buy your Marino Orlandi handbag in SA!

My cousin had a stunning bag hanging over her shoulder the other day and I instantly recognised the black leather bag with it’s distinguished red and and green stitching as another one of Marino Orlandi’s unique and special handbags.  I first spotted these beauties in various shades of brown, red, black, white and olive green in the Fraser’s window in Sandton City. Every bag boasts the perfect shape; not too big, too small or too floppy and what’s even better is that each item always displays at least one eye-catching feature, whether it’s the metal detailing or pop-up embellishments.

The Marino Orlandi factory was first opened towards the late 1970’s, when the range of top-quality leather handbags, suitcases, wallets, shoes and belts were created for demanding clients. Created in Macerata, each model is patented to be unique in design boasting the golden Marino Orlandi emblem.

Take a look at my very own exquisite multicolour Marino Orlandi bag 🙂



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