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Bulgari’s New ‘i Serpenti’ Accessory Collection


It’s always an absolute pleasure to enter Bulgari’s guarded volt on Montenapoleone where the reception is warm and friendly. Davide, the pleasant man who had previously explained the set up of the boutique with its three inter-leading rooms, had once again taken the time to help me find a pair of shades for my Friend, Melissa in grey, black, white and tortoise-shell. He told me about Bulgari’s exceptional new range of ‘i Serpenti’ accessories that would all be revealed at the exclusive party the following night.
Excitement was building inside of me like a pressure cooker and when I finally arrived at the event to view the intriguing collection, I studied the uncomplicated pieces that all bear the serpent, Bulgari‘s motif since Elizabeth Taylor first wore their serpent wristwatch in the 1967 movie ‘Cleopatra’.  The symbol of life and eternity, which like the historic brand, sheds its skin yet remains true to its core, is moulded from brass, light gold, teardrop stones for the glaring eyes and enamel in green, black and white that defines the scaly body. Incorporated as handles and clasps into their shoulder bags, day bags and evening bags, each magnificent serpent piece is a contemporary application of an ancient tradition.


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