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Buccellati’s silver, gold and amethyst ‘Garden of Eden’

I popped into the Buccellati store like I’ve done on all my previous trips to Milan, to greet the very friendly staff and to uncover a few extra-special jewels that I plan on writing about in the next issue of the Montenapoleone shopping guide by Where, but on this particular day, I certainly got more of a treat than I expected. This remarkable ‘Garden of Eden’ artwork with a price tag of a million-odd Euros stole my breath… But justifiably so, for it took gold and silversmiths about five years to craft each silver animal and plant that trims the amethyst shell’s periphery with life-like detail while at the centre, Adam and Eve, the serpent and every apple hanging on the tree is moulded with precision from contrasting solid yellow gold. Every piece is removable and here I am with the solid gold Eve in the palm of my hand.




From their collection of silver ornamental homeware produced in Bologna, a fascinating Gorilla caught my eye. I was given the opportunity to hold it in my arms so that I could truly appreciate the workmanship that went into crafting it. The hair that covers its body is made from individual strips of silver giving it a smooth texture when stroked yet it pokes the skin when held.



Here are some of Buccellati’s other exquisite high jewellery pieces made near Como as well as jewel watches realized in Switzerland:

This watch is the ultimate souvenir. The colosseum is traced in gold on a mother-of-pearl dial with rubies along the bezel.


Traditional Buccellati techniques also resulted in these dramatic pearl and diamond necklaces, intricate bracelets, thick cuff bracelets, wafer-thin flower brooches, earrings and more…







To see more, visit the Buccellati website.


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