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Bruno Magli goes bling for F/W 2013/14

It’s the middle of Milan fashion week and I am leaving tomorrow, so I started my day off by splurging on amazing long black boots by Fratelli Figini (store on Corso Monforte), each made from a single piece of suede leather. These beauties have manageable heels and can be worn straight up to the knee or folded over. I needed to look really chic for an afternoon meeting that I set up to introduce the SA Consulate General to Guglielmo Miani, the President of the Via Montenapoleone Association.

My next stop was the Bruno Magli presentation that took place at the Grand Hotel et De Milan, a regal setting for an exquisite collection. This presentation was slightly different. In a large ornate hall, models sat on one end beautifully dressed in silks and furs and to show off the shoes by the Creative Director Max Kibardin, each long, lean lady took a turn to walk to the other end with the spotlight on her feet.



A room next door saw every colourful, bling piece on display. Elegant, yet rich, the collection of classic pairs and boots span a palette of plum, purple, black, dark green and even shiny gold. The brand also collaborated with jewellery designers, MAWI for bits of bijoux that glam up each pair.






Otieno, the driver then took myself and my friends to an Indian spice shop near Porto Venezia because Denisa from Seychelles wanted to cook a full meal at the residence. Imraan, the Pakistani owner assured me that the fresh meat he stocks is halaal and he also has everything from tikka masala and turmeric to lentils and coconut milk. We bought a pizza called Pizza Del Re from an Egyption takeaway in the area and this kept us going until the chicken dish was served.



Here I am with Otieno, saying my final goodbye before my flight back to SA tomorrow. I promised him that I would post this parting picture of us 🙂



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  • Those boots are a perfect shape and just the right height. The round toe really suits you and the heel looks very comfortable.

    Your pink jacket looks amazing too. Wear did you buy it? Would like something like that for my girlfriend.

    • Hi Edward, thank you…. I actually have two pink leather jackets that are very similar. One from Florence with frill detail at the back and this one from SA which is a bit sportier.

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