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Beach bikinis and Galileo’s scientific theories

We walked along Florence’s Arno River in the smouldering heat and sought refuge in the first air-conditioned museum we saw which turned out to be the Galileo Museum of the History of Science, a short distance from the Ponte Vecchio and Piazza Della Signorina. Ordinarily, I might not have chosen to browse through three levels of Scientific inventions and interactive experiments which prove early theories on the earth being flat and the sun revolving around the earth but with my cousin’s eight year-old son who seems to have arrived at that inquisitive age where all questions asked in his husky voice are based on time and distance calculations, this was an amusing space perfectly suited to entertaining his enquiring mind.

The first atlas globes are on display near gigantic telescopes and the first geometric compass. I was fascinated by the gruesome depictions of pregnancy with unborn foetuses in the strangest of positions – pretty scary for a woman who is yet to have children! We ended with a fun trip through the interactive section on the ground floor, but I gave the expenditure opportunity in the book store a miss because I was off to explore the rest of this quaint city where I planned on bagging gorgeous bikini sets. My engaged cousin trusted my taste buds and asked me to use my own discretion when choosing sexy beachwear which she could use while on honeymoon. I found these two sets at the Yamamay store and since I know that she prefers bland colours, I took this black and white striped set which is totally glamorous with stones and beadwork and a matching sheer top to cover up. To inject some colour, I also bought this multi-hued set which sparkles with a spray of bling.














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