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Angelo Galasso – Innovative Haute Couture for men

This store on Via Montenapoleone has the best fragrance floating in the air. Strong masculine notes that make up the best of colognes swept me inside providing entertainment for my olfactory sense. I could not get enough of this bewitching fragrance filling my lungs, so I hung around the menswear boutique a little longer than usual sifting through the collection of Haute Couture shirts, jackets, expensive belts and jeans which are all several cuts above average.

A simple white shirt in the Angelo Galasso collection is no longer ordinary when it boasts Swarovski buttons while a leather jacket made from crocodile skin spells class and exclusivity. Even the King of Rock would have put his blue suede shoes aside for a pair of extra-special Galasso footwear, like the midnight-blue ostrich and indigo crocodile duo.

Following the 1990 opening of his first world class boutique store in Rome called ‘Interno 8’, Angelo Galasso has since unlocked the doors of 79 other stores throughout Italy in which he showcases his collection of fine tailored clothing called ‘Billionaire Italian Couture’.  An innovative individual, Galasso is famous for his invention of the ‘watch cuff’, inspired by the President of Fiat, Mr Gianni Agnelli, who wore his watch over his shirt cuff to avoid an allergic reaction. Galasso’s own namesake brand, which came to life three years ago, is yet another outlet for his creativity and innovation.




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