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Accessorize for Valentine’s…

Believe me when I say that even if a woman puts her hand on her heart and swears to be completely aloof to the swooning and serenading that occurs on Valentine’s Day, she is fooling herself. Every lovely lass does, in some way, join in the celebration of love even if it’s just in the way she chooses to dress on the day. I know that I will certainly express my interest through fashion by wearing either red, the colour of passion or pink, the colour of love.

Luckily, exclusive fashion houses make it easy for us to indulge in the hopeless romanticism of the day by squeezing their creative juices into designs that add to the spirit of it all…Prada has this precious pair of earrings which have dangling heart-shaped drops – The perfect gift. Prada’s offering does not stop there. They have these chic envelope handbags in hot pink and fiery red which elude to love letters sealed with a heart.

The knot clasp on Bottega Veneta’s red clutch bag seems to symbolize the solidified bond between lovers and promises to be the ideal evening accessory. If you will be spending the night with your significant other, then consider this flirtatious pink lingerie set from La Perla.



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