Beauty. Miracles. Creativity. These are all around us, but they come from within us. It’s precisely this realisation that sparked my renewed interest in blogging but my interests, my life, and my soul, have evolved beyond trivial fashion shows and shopping sprees. Don’t get me wrong. I still love trawling through malls, fashion websites and style magazines, and my heart still races at the sight of a striking dress, tailored blazer, Sylvian Heach fleather jackets and perfectly contoured Italian stilettos begging to be bought at a killer exchange rate on Via Montenapoleone, and stuffed into my suitcase homeward bound to South Africa.

My love for Italy and my appreciation for beautiful things are default traits that inspired me to type the posts on my first blog (initially called Love Italian Fashion) in February 2011, and at the time I had no idea that such a humble experiment of creative expression would result in the life-changing experiences kindly served to me by the fashion capital, Milano – fondly referred to as ‘my second home’.


By September 2011, I was invited by the Where Milan team to collaborate on their seasonal ‘Luxury‘ shopping guide aimed at English-speaking tourists, and this miraculous opportunity fed my spirit, opened my mind and challenged my heart for four extraordinary years. My dream to live and work abroad in my favourite country had come true, but the real miracle became apparent a while later.

In Milan, I met myself. Literally overnight, all my insecurities and weaknesses bubbled to the surface. I felt exposed and vulnerable but at the same time, my strengths and creative talent soared without boundaries. I began my journey as a naive girl with her head in the clouds but I ended my stint in pieces; insecure, unemployed and unstable. I had resigned from corporate slavery and was desperately searching for more… And that’s when the real transformation happened. To put myself back together again, I was forced to assess my beliefs, conduct and character; build my self-confidence, face my demons and get comfy in my own skin; work on my weaknesses, figure out how to use my strengths for a higher purpose, and finally, learn to recognise unselfish love. I was me again, just better and more evolved physically, mentally and spiritually.

From 2015 until the beginning of 2018, bIogging about fashion held little appeal – not enough to inspire any real research and word wizardry. Instead, I began to explore other interests; nutritional therapy, a new business venture, and manufacturing of my original innovative product ideas under my trademarked brand, ‘Mayyarani‘ – a pet name coined by my husband during our honeymoon in India.

Over the past three years, I’ve grown into the woman I always wanted to be; strong and independent, but also soft and pliable enough to admit when I’m wrong, refrain from judgement and see things from fresh perspectives. I have discovered so many priceless pieces of wisdom through inner reflection, and most importantly, I’ve finally got an answer to the elusive question “What’s the meaning of life?” which truly resonates with my own subjective view on why we are who we are, how the universe works, and our place in it. I hope to share my experiences and thoughts, and I certainly hope that you can at least consider my theories, because if there’s any shared similarity at all, hopefully they can shed light on your own challenges and life experiences.

Visit my online store to shop the Mayyarani collection of personal innovations inspired by my unique challenges. It also may feature some of my most special discoveries and previously-loved items picked up during a lifetime of adventure and global exploration.

Please note that the advertised products can only be purchased and delivered to customers residing within South Africa.

With love, Umayya Theba

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